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"In victory, be humble. In defeat, be strong. In all things be fair."
"Today Not Possible, Tomorrow Possible."

Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee, Founder ATA Songahm Taekwondo

ATA FMA is more than just a martial arts school

As a proud member of the American Taekwondo Association, the largest centrally-managed martial arts system in the world, ATA Family Martial Arts has been offering Northern Colorado an unparalleled Taekwondo experience since 1993. Our classes teach students how to use blocks, strikes, and kicks in practical scenarios thanks to our powerful and constantly expanding self defense system. With a strong emphasis on moral values, students learn not only how to use Taekwondo, but when to use it.

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Our goal at ATA Family Martial Arts is to provide a fun, family atmosphere where students learn important life skills through exceptional martial arts training. Each of our locations provides a clean, upbeat, family-friendly atmosphere with flexible schedules and dynamic programs to accommodate all age groups and ability levels. Our nationally-certified instructors take pride in pushing students to exceed their potential while providing an engaging, fun classroom environment. The best way to learn more about what ATA FMA can do for you and your family is to start a Free 3-week Trial or to simply drop by your nearest location. We're excited to meet you and can't wait to welcome you to our family! Learn more by visiting our FAQ Page.

Meet the ATA FMA Founders

Chief Master Dan Thor is an 8th Degree black belt who began his Taekwondo Career in 1972. He has 40 years of instructional experience and has trained thousands of students ranging from white belts through 7th degree Senior Masters. During his journey as a Taekwondo student and instructor, he's had the privilege of training under the top echelon of ATA leaders from all over the world and was even a participant of the training camp where the Songahm style of Taekwondo was first introduced. His pursuit of martial arts mastery combined with his background in medicine has led him to be a leader throughout the American Taekwondo Association.

Senior Master Ramsey Cross is a 7th Degree Black Belt that begin his Taekwondo journey in 1984 under Dale Craig, a direct student of Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee. Over the years, he has trained under several martial arts experts allowing him to harness each of their customs and strengths. As a result, Sr. Master Cross is a strong, well rounded Taekwondo practitioner known for his proficiency in sparring and precision technique. He has trained over 3,000 students throughout his career as he continues his journey to the final rank of 8th degree, Chief Master.

Mr. Kenny Overby is a 5th Degree Black Belt that began martial art training in 1993. After having the honor of testing before Eternal Grandmaster H.U. Lee in 1995, Mr. Overby set out on a path to make Songahm Taekwondo his life long career. After teaching at multiple locations throughout the 1990's and early 2000's, he opened the first ATA FMA location in 2003. Two years later, his club flourished into a full time commercial location where he has personally trained over 1,000 students. Mr. Overby's level of technical precision is bested only by his incredibly effective teaching style as he brings an unrivaled sense of dedication to work each and every day.

ATA FMA - Today, all of the ATA FMA instructors and staff train hard under the supervision of Chief Master Thor, Senior Master Cross, and Mr. Overby. In addition to conducting monthly training seminars and curriculum reviews, they oversee all ATA FMA operations, procedures, and protocols to ensure each student is receiving the best possible training program possible. To learn more about our founders, drop by your nearest location!

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Our reach spreads farther than our training floor

ATA FMA instructors and staff work closely with our local communities to foster the best developmental environment for our students. Encouraging growth, both physical and mental, is always our first priority and we take pride in establishing this fundamental concept throughout everything that we do. The following organizations are just a few of our growing affiliates.

“I have witnessed how [ATA FMA] has helped students with all aspects of becoming a better person with the discipline of martial arts. ... I know that this is a journey that will last a lifetime!

Keller-Hernandez / Belz Family, Corney, TX
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