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“We're hooked -- all 5 of us, all ages! We're physically and mentally healthy and strong, and we're having the time of our lives. Even the youngest is learning to work hard and live with integrity. Truly awesome!

The Morroni Family, Aurora, CO

Programs for all ages and abilities

Preschool to 1st Grade

Ages 4 to 6

Our Tiny Tigers program introduces the fundamentals of Songahm Taekwondo to our youngest students. Though a full comprehension of Taekwondo is not the goal, students are still expected to progress through a customized curriculum and belt structure. When their age or ability level exceeds the training curriculum, they are promoted to our Karate for Kids Classes.

Training Objectives
  • ATA fundamentals
  • Active listening and focus skills
  • Basic coordination and balance
  • Respect for teachers and students
  • Parent participation
  • Monthly code of conduct
  • High energy exercise!
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Karate for Kids

Ages 7 to 12

As our largest student category, Karate for Kids entails a robust training curriculum designed to engage, challenge, motivate, and inspire these high-energy students. After learning the fundamentals of Songahm Taekwondo, students are introduced to numerous programs ranging from weapons, sparring, board breaks, and even numerous leadership opportunities.

Training Objectives
  • Self confidence and self esteem
  • Respect and discipline
  • Physical and mental conditioning
  • School and home integration
  • Bully prevention training
  • Sparring and weapons training
  • Leadership and follwership traits
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Martial Arts for Men

Ages 13 and up

Teens and adults comprise the most challenging and engaging curriculum Songahm Taekwondo has to offer. Students are expected to gain thorough knowledge of our martial arts style while also participating in numerous leadership opportunities. We rely heavily on student interaction to enforce the principals of our Songahm code of ethics.

Training Objectives
  • Physical conditioning
  • Increased flexibility and balance
  • Advanced combatives training
  • Sparring and weapons training
  • Focus and reaction drills
  • Advanced board breaks
  • Self awareness and control
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Martial Arts for Women

Ages 13 and up

Like Martial Arts for Men, our 13 and up female students experience the most challenging and engaging curriculum Songahm Taekwondo has to offer. Our diverse training programs enable us to cater to multiple body types and ability levels. With extra emphasis on self defense, threat detection, advanced combatives training, and conditioning, these students are ready for anything!

Training Objectives
  • Self defense and threat detection
  • Physical conditioning
  • Increased flexibility and balance
  • Advanced combatives training
  • Sparring and weapons training
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Body toning and definition
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What to expect

Classroom Protocol and Procedures

In hopes of fostering the safest and most effective training environment, it's important that students adhere to our classroom protocol and procedures. Upon entering and exiting the training floor, students will bow towards the American and Korean flags as a sign of respect both for our flags and for our training floor. Each class begins and ends with our Songahm creed as prompted by the highest ranking student. In addition, both students and instructors are addressed with formal names (IE: Mr. Smith or Mrs. Jane) and everyone uses "ma'am" and "sir" to show respect and to indicate instructions are received and understood.

What should I expect on my first day?

It's common for new students to be apprehensive or nervous on their first day. For this reason, instructors work hard at making sure these students feel welcome without overwhelming them with unrealistic expectations. These students will attend a low ranking, age specific class where they can expect a high level of explanation and demonstration for each instruction. It's also important that new students enter our classes with an open mind as they will likely be exposed to an unfamiliar environment that will require adaptability and perseverance. In addition, the larger beginner classes typically include junior leadership students that assist in all aspects of the class. Last, each of our beginner classes implement a familiar curriculum structure enabling a higher learning curve within a shorter time frame.

Our family

Our training couldn't be complete without the amazing camaraderie each of our schools generate. In addition to making great friends on the training floor, we also host numerous activities outside of class. These include summer camps, birthday parties, school visits, public demonstration teams, picnics, theme park visits, holiday functions, out of state tournaments, leadership seminars, and (our least favorite) going away parties. No matter what your involvement becomes, we're confident you'll quickly feel as if you're amongst friends at ATA FMA.

Physical Fitness and Mental Conditioning

It's no secret that martial arts is a physical art form that relies heavily on repetitive and constant body conditioning. What many people may not realize is the important role mental conditioning plays to be a successful and effective martial artist. While building our weekly, monthly, and annual training curriculum, ATA FMA puts great emphasis on combining both mental and physical training through classroom instruction, leadership courses, mentorship, and always through leading by example. At the end of each class, our instructors have failed if each and every student hasn't broken a sweat!

Additional ATA FMA Programs


In partnership with the President's Challence, ATA Fit centers on research-based HIIT (high intensity interval training) to emphasize proper nutrition and living an active, healthy lifestyle. Learn more.

Black Belt Club

Black Belt Club members gain additional class options and early exposure to weapon safety education and training with Nunchucks, Bo Staff, Broad Sword, Kamas, and Escrima.

Leadership Program

Leadership students are mentored to lead and to be Black Belt Ambassadors in their communities. This programs also enables students to compete for state, district and world championship titles. Learn more.

Pressure Point Control Tactics

Pressure Point Control Tactics is a self-defense program that is incorporated into all classes and rank levels to educate students on strike points during combative and self–defense situations.

Warrior X-Fit

Warrior X-Fit is a challenging work-out program designed from the ground up to put students through heavy conditioning using kick-boxing techniques while continuing to reinforce the ATA fundamentals. Learn more.


Xtreme Martial Arts was developed by Mr. Mike Chat to teach students creative forms focused on tricking, aerobatics, tumbling, and attitude. XMA students also comprise our public demonstration teams. Learn more.

School Programs

The study of martial arts can help students of all ages understand basic physics, anatomy and mathematical concepts. As a Dignity Kids Affiliate, ATA FMA is dedicated to help children succeed in all areas of their lives. We provide free STEM based programs for local school systems and incorporate both academic and character building aspects into the martial arts training offered at our facility. Martial Arts are a fun way to get fit, grow academically and learn to protect oneself.

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“We have been a part of the ATA family for a few years now and in this time I have seen my child grow in more ways than one. We came to ATA hoping to find a good outlet for all his extra energy that comes along with his ADHD. I love to see his new found confidence and focus. They have welcomed him with open arms and he know believes the sky is the limit!”

Johnson / Shipley Family, Forney, TX
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